Product Line

Experts in the telecommunications industry, we provide Wall Mount Fiber Optic Panels and Rack Mount Fiber Optic Panels.

Wall Mount Panels

G24-WMUX wall mount
Rack Mount Panels

GR-1 Rack Mount
fiber optic accessories

Features and Benefits

As Fiber Optic Contractors, we have installed literally thousands of fiber optic panels. Being frustrated with the shortcomings of all the existing models on the market, we made our own panels.

Better Panels

  • All aluminum construction
  • Angled adaptors for optimum fiber bend radius
  • All our panels allow for splicing as well as termination. No need to purchase panels that cost $100's more for splicing.
Rack Mount Panels built with hinged doors, drawers that pull straight out, to be easier to dress your cables and to go back later to terminate more cables in the future.

Wall Mount Panels built with removable doors and can be secured with pad locks. Bulk heads are designed to allow cables to pass from utility side to customer side if required, and also easily removed for installs that call for splice locations only. Tray support is elevated to allow cables to be dressed in figure 8 configurations.


Fiber Optic Panels

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